Sevier Playa Project

Peak Minerals is developing the Sevier Playa Project in Millard County, Utah, the most significant SOP development effort on the continent. Our mission is to become the highest-quality and lowest-cost SOP producer in North America. This will enable the region to become self sufficient in chloride-free fertilizers that will help farmers increase high-value food production to feed North America’s growing population.

Peak Minerals is committed to developing a modern fertilizer project with attractive economics while making a positive environmental impact and maintaining socially responsible operations.


Key Highlights

Strong Market Fundamentals

Attractive SOP demand growth and price forecasts, particularly in markets where Sevier Playa has a competitive advantage.

Ideal Location

In a first-world jurisdiction with strong access to all key infrastructure. Region is arid with a proven history of potash and salt production.

Fully Permitted

The only fully-permitted greenfield brine-sourced SOP project in North America.

Environmentally Friendly

Low-emission and environmentally sensitive project that will make products that help customers reduce their environmental impact.

Lowest Cost Producer

Positioned to be lowest cost producer of SOP in North America. Well situated to serve the large U.S. and growing Mexican markets.

Experienced Management

Proven, highly experienced management and operating team. Supportive sponsor in EMR, which owns 100% of Peak Minerals.


Project Information